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Ciao! Siamo Clickoo, Esperti in PPC

Applying their expert Italian touch to your PPC campaigns are our resident Italian speakers,
Maurizio and Elisabetta. Between them, they have every aspect of the Italian language
and cultural considerations covered, leaving you with the best results. Bravo team!

Elisabetta’s Top Tip

In order to approach the Italian market with a Paid Search Strategy it is important to know the difference in online search behaviour between Italian and English users.

Italians don’t use long-term searches, in spite of our dense language when searching online we keep it simple and tend to be very generic. Therefore, populating campaigns with long tail keywords won’t work in Italy.  So, very generic keywords but very specific and highly targeted ad copies can make the difference in a business PPC campaign.

Native Vs Fluent

Many people ask what is Clickoo’s secret, and it’s simple…We don’t just translate campaigns,  we are ‘native’ which means we truly understand the cultural intricacies of your audience ; This crucial piece of any marketing strategy is overlooked far too often.

One piece of advice we would like you to take away from this video, whether you deliver your marketing in house, or are outsourcing to an agency, is to ensure that you do not underestimate the power of local knowledge. This is what will set you apart from the competition and something direct ‘translation’ simply  can not do.

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