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Our resident Spanish team is lead by Pablo and Katrin. With a firm grasp of the
language and first-hand experience of Spanish culture, this dream team will ensure your
message is received loud and clear. Excelente!

Pablo’s Top Tip

My tip for you is to take care of your customers… providing fluent Spanish messaging, having a smooth buying process, and making them feel comfortable when they are buying your products / services in Spanish. This may sound trivial, however how we ‘feel’ is a key driver when you are Spanish!

We will feel confident if we read good reviews on the website and the price will also make us more loyal to a company and unltimately use you in the future and recommend to others. Affordable prices, convenience and secure purchasing are really important to us, if you get that wrong we will bounce like Ronaldo with a football!

Native Vs Fluent

Many people ask what is Clickoo’s secret, and it’s simple…We don’t just translate campaigns,  we are ‘native’ which means we truly understand the cultural intricacies of your audience ; This crucial piece of any marketing strategy is overlooked far too often.

One piece of advice we would like you to take away from this video, whether you deliver your marketing in house, or are outsourcing to an agency, is to ensure that you do not underestimate the power of local knowledge. This is what will set you apart from the competition and something direct ‘translation’ simply  can not do.

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