Don’t want your marketing to cause an international incident?

It’s a painful truth that brands can take years to create, but just a single sentence to destroy. 

About Us

Clickoo are an international paid media agency, with a team of multilingual PPC experts.

We don’t use 3rd party services, or Google translate to create your campaigns – Our team of native PPC experts build your campaigns from the ground up in your target language.

This means you avoid embarrassing translation errors, and your campaign message hits the mark on the first attempt – Not once you’ve made a potentially brand-damaging translation error. 


What we do

Multilingual PPC

Creating a connection with audiences in markets across the world for over a decade.

Our team of multilingual PPC experts plan, build and manage campaigns to drive the growth of your brand.


✅ Google ads 

✅ Microsoft ads  

✅ Yandex ads 


Multilingual Paid Social

Reaching audiences at scale in markets across the world has never been easier thanks to sponsored promotion via social media.

Expertly built and managed paid social campaigns, tailored to each market and delivered in the native language.


 ✅ Facebook

 ✅ Instagram

 ✅ Linkedin

 ✅ Spotify

 ✅ Pinterest

 ✅ Snapchat

 ✅ TikTok

Local market personas

Have you ever tried to market into multiple international markets and found your campaigns just don’t have the same impact from one market to the next?

Take the guess-work out of international marketing with a persona tailored to your audience in each market.


Our guides

Want to run multilingual marketing but don’t know where to start? Well look no further, we literally wrote the book(s) on it…

Create your international persona

Localised Paid Media

International Paid Media

Advertising In Europe

Create Your Own Style

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Our stories

We’ve helped brands grow via paid media for over a decade. Read all about it!

Alliance Investments | B2B | Lead Generation

Balsam Hill | B2C | eCommerce

European Metal Recycling | B2C | Lead Generation

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