Connect with your audience for the long term.

Google display campaigns that go deeper.

Drive growth with display

Google’s Display Network grants brands access to a huge pool of audiences, grouped into highly refined segments.

We can help you utilise it to form a deeper connection with your core audience, pairing highly accurate targeting, with audience specific tailored creative to put your brand in front of those most likely to engage.

Once audiences have engaged with your brand, you can re-market to them. 1 in 5 people who are re-targeted with Google display ads then go on to carry out related searches, and up to 1 in 3 look at the promoted website.

This is a great example of what Clickoo is all about: strategic paid media campaigns. It’s substantially more effective to adopt a holistic, more long-term approach to your paid media campaigns when your aim is to grow your brand.

Display campaigns

Our approach

Understand the audience journey

Building a clear picture of how your audience goes from one end of their purchasing journey to the other is a key step in the process of designing a growth-focused display campaign strategy.

By understanding how audiences gather information, and make decisions about the product or service that best fits their needs – We are able to tailor our campaign, and messaging strategies to suit.

Shape key website visitor behaviour segments

Whilst predicting the future behaviour of a specific individual is essentially impossible, predicting the actions of groups of people is possible – If you have the know-how, and the right data to work with.

We analyse your website data through Google Analytics and build an understanding of how your website visitors behave on their way to a purchase – Highlighting key behaviours that many take ahead of later returning to the site to make a purchase.

By segmenting these behaviours, we can specifically target and amplify your marketing towards those user audiences – channelling your investment into those website users that are most likely to make a purchase, or submit an enquiry.

Create targeting criteria

There are a wealth of targeting options available in display campaigns. Knowing which ones are appropriate in which circumstances can be a big driver in the success, or failure of display campaigns.

Choosing the wrong targeting method can be a costly mistake, and expose your brand to unqualified and irrelevant audiences.

In the same way, choosing a targeting approach that is too narrow will limit the exposure of your adverts, and most likely prevent you from achieving your growth goals.

Build machine learning led campaign structures

The power of machine learning is constantly changing the landscape of marketing, and there are few places where this is more evident than the shifting ‘best practice’ techniques used by paid media agencies to build campaigns.

Historically, highly segmented structures were the name of the game – Giving the account managers granular control over funnelling investments.

But as the internal data-sets of the platforms have developed, and buyer profiles have become better understood things have changed. Now understanding the strengths and limitations of the machine learning systems is key to driving the best results, feeding relevant information and compartmentalising data-sets to align with your client’s objectives is the new ‘best-practice’.

Our campaign types

Display prospecting

Start a conversation with future customers through the perfect mix of cost-effective narrow targeting and highly customisable visual adverts.


Fuse together your search campaign with a display retargeting campaign, and achieve around a 22% greater conversion rate than if you used search alone.

Dynamic remarketing

Maximise Google Ads’ API capabilities with image ads showcasing products the user has interacted with previously.

Unleash the power of Display
and remarketing

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