Grab their attention, get them to take action.

Growth focused lead generation strategies that go beyond vanity metrics.

Drive high quality leads

Do you want an agency that’s going to work tirelessly to fill your reports with lower than targeted CPL figures?

A PPC partner that will proudly recite their channel statistics, line by line to you during your catch up calls? Sorry to say, you may be in the wrong place.

At Clickoo, we believe in building a truly comprehensive understanding of your audiences, and whilst we absolutely understand the need for performance indicators, like cost per lead targets – we ultimately strive to understand how to generate the best quality of lead for your business, and strike that vital balance between quantity, and quality.

Whilst it may seem appealing to shoot for the stars when it comes to getting as many leads as possible for your budget, we believe in investing your budgets so your ads reach the right people, not the most (and trust us, your sales team will thank you!).

High quality lead campaigns

Our approach

Equipped with the extensive targeting capabilities of paid media, Clickoo reach those most likely to be interested in your offering.

We’ll work to get your potential customers further down the sales funnel too – turning interest into action.

Using our verified lead generation tactics, we’ll select the right channels to appear on, and the relevant keywords and ad copy to implement.

We’ll help to set up advanced tracking too, to give a clear view of the success of our efforts and the best leads to pursue – because lead generation isn’t all about quantity, it’s also about quality. You want to be getting the right people through the door. And with Clickoo, you can.

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