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Retarget your audiences

Customers of today are more digitally savvy than ever before.

They will often visit multiple platforms and consult various sources in their hunt for the right product or service.

That’s why, no matter the market, it’s essential as marketers in today’s landscape that we recognise this, and adjust our marketing strategy for those that have previously engaged with your brand.


Our approach

Today all major paid media platforms offer some form of re-engagement mechanisms, and bringing them all together to work in harmony is where the real magic happens.

Understanding behaviours

In order to effectively re-engage your audiences, you must first understand who you need to try and connect with.

Analysing website and other owned media interaction data allow us to start painting a picture of how your customers behave on their purchasing journey.

Audience segmentation

Once we understand how your audiences behave when they interact with your owned media, we can start to categorise and prioritise them.

Building this list of attributes allows us to select the best targeting methods to put your brand front and centre at key points during your audience’s journey.

Channel selection

Whether your business is eCommerce or Lead generation, business to business or direct to consumer – there’s a platform perfect for re-engaging your audience.

The trick is knowing which to use to get the best results.

Budget management

After you have built your audience behaviour profiles, identified your key segments and chosen the platforms to best engage with them you can begin allocating advertising spend to them.

A high level of control and data insights allows for concise adjustments in budgets to get the most out of your investments.

Creative control

As a potential customer goes through their research process, their understanding of the available solutions offered by both you and your competitors improves.

Highlighting the same benefits at every touch point means a missed opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Tailoring your creative to match the customer journey is an essential part of a successful digital strategy.

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Reconnect with your customers

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