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Localised paid media is an approach to digital marketing that is centered on the importance of tailoring your strategy beyond simple translation when expanding into new markets. Understanding how to communicate, and create a connection with audiences in new markets is crucial to the success of your marketing, and failing to account for the nuances of the audience you are targeting can lead to wasted investment and even a damaged brand reputation.

Localised PPC campaigns are about much more than just the language you serve your adverts in, they focus on putting your audience at the centre of your digital strategy – no matter the market, country or language.

At Clickoo, we have over a decade of experience delivering growth for brands in markets across the world with multi-lingual campaigns. Our experience in tailoring campaigns to markets all over the globe has given us a unique perspective, and means that we are perfectly positioned to support brands with shifting towards a more audience centric approach to their digital marketing.

As pioneers of the localised approach to paid media we believe that in the data-first world of ever-more automated digital advertising – putting your audience at the centre of your digital marketing strategy is the key to success.

This means going the extra mile to ensure that your paid media campaigns aren’t just technically excellent and making the most of the latest in machine learning based tech, but are also humanised, by tailoring your campaigns to really connect with each audience you want to promote your brand to.

This approach applies to all advertising in a data-first world, so if your looking to grow your brand in your native market, or 10 new ones, we can help.

Audience centric paid media
website localisation

We have developed our audience centric, localised approach to paid media over years of working with brands to expand internationally through paid media – leaning from the challenges faced when scaling into new markets.

Typically, the approach brands take when expanding their reach internationally (known as internationalisation) does include some form of localisation.

Commonly, the central focus of their localisation efforts is their website, updating the language and perhaps even changing colours and images to ensure a better experience for users from their new target market.

It’s a complex, and often lengthy process – but ultimately it’s worth it, as it’s widely known that a localised website drives better results because it allows the users that visit those pages to more effectively connect with the brand.

Unfortunately, that’s often as far as brands go – investing huge budgets into tailoring their websites to meet the needs of the local audience, but overlooking a key factor – Creating a connection with audiences via a localised PPC campaign before they visit the website.

Often the first resort of brands looking to drive traffic from a new market to their freshly localised website is to take a carbon copy of their current campaigns, and send them to a translation agency to be recreated in their target language.

However, campaigns that are simply translated often don’t hit the mark when it comes to expanding brands internationally and 9 out of 10 times, the translated campaigns don’t perform as well as the ones that were created for the original market.

Why? This approach of direct translation makes one fatal error: it assumes that the only difference between each market is language.

The result? Low advert engagement, increased click prices, poor conversion rates and ultimately a reduced ROI from their campaigns.

Copy your keywords
Understand your audience

This means like localising your website, in order to drive the growth your brand desires – your whole approach to paid media needs to be built around a true understanding of what drives your audience to take action.

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We’re proud to be recognised by Google as one of the few ‘International Growth Agencies’, able to support businesses looking to scale internationally.

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Understanding your audience


Audiences may search in different ways for products or services in your new markets, so you may need to use different keywords, not just translated versions of your current ones.


Hundreds of variable factors influence buying behaviours across different markets. Getting the right results from paid media requires an understanding of what messaging will drive your new market to purchase.


Some markets have the same dominant brands globally, but many see a completely different competitive playing field from one country to another. Understanding and adapting your strategy to these competitors is key.


You may be familiar with the phrase ‘lost in translation’, well it applies to advertising internationally too. Different markets respond differently to tone, so choose your approach wisely, or risk rejection.


Cultural influences can vary hugely from one country to the next, and understanding the culture of a new market and how it might impact their buying behaviour can be a driving force in the success, or failure of your campaigns.

Platforms & Channels

Remember, Facebook may be your audiences favourite social media platform in your native market, but it might differ in other countries. Understanding where to connect with your audience is just as important as how you do it.

The localised paid media process

Our 3-stage approach to localised paid media.

This approach ensures that we curate a digital growth strategy for your brand that takes into consideration all of the nuances that make it unique. First, we gather insights from our world-class insights partners – building a thorough understanding of your audience and their behaviours. Second, we take that data and translate it into an actionable paid media strategy – tailoring our actions and investments to the goals of your brand. Finally we activate and continuously optimise your campaigns, driving highly targeted audiences to connect with your brand on a more human level.

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