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G’day! We’re Clickoo, a corker of a PPC agency

They may speak English over in Aus, but it IS the other side of the world after all. Our
Aussie-turned-English operations director, Tim, knows everything there is to know about this
faraway land, and has even brought the accent with him for extra authenticity.

Tim’s Top Tip

Contrary to popular belief we do speak English in Australia! The difficulty with Australia is the vastness, so believe it or not, a search term can mean a totally different thing from one state to another. A prime example of this is swim shorts, in the wonderful land of OZ we can call them bathers, boardies, toggs, or budgie smugglers dependant on the state we grew up in!

With this in mind, it is very difficult to reach your demographic across all states if you don’t have context or cultural awareness. As we are a ‘newish’ country with a mix both UK English and American English making up our vocabulary, we figure why not favour our own slang as well…good luck navigating that if you haven’t grown up with it as the vast majority of times it make ZERO sense.

Native Vs Fluent

Many people ask what is Clickoo’s secret, and it’s simple…We don’t just translate campaigns,  we are ‘native’ which means we truly understand the cultural intricacies of your audience ; This crucial piece of any marketing strategy is overlooked far too often.

One piece of advice we would like you to take away from this video, whether you deliver your marketing in house, or are outsourcing to an agency, is to ensure that you do not underestimate the power of local knowledge. This is what will set you apart from the competition and something direct ‘translation’ simply  can not do.

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