Clickoo Paid Media Services

LEVEL Agreement

This document is laid out to provide a clear and concise reference to specific elements of Clickoo’s paid media services for clients and agency members.



Working hours

We are an international team, so hours of availability will vary by account manager and your time zone. 

Email Responses

5 hours confirmation of receipt / short answers.

24 hours for more detailed responses.




We require a minimum of 1 working day to attend any calls. If data insights are required, we require at least 1 weeks notice.

Data reports

Campaign data reports are provided via a live dashboard in a predetermined format. Bespoke reporting solutions are available but may incur additional costs.



Alongside the live dashboard, each month Clickoo account managers will written commentary including; Actions taken, Upcoming actions + new initiatives.


Thanks to years of experience, the Clickoo team are excellently positioned to make recommendations on many aspects of your overarching marketing strategy.

Campaign Optimisation Actions

As a part of your on-going paid media services, the Clickoo team will take a variety of actions to improve your campaign performance. Whilst each approach will vary depending on your specific needs and the platforms used, typically optimisation actions will include a mixture of the following;

Bid management


Search query management

Budget management


Feed data quality assessment

Creative review / refresh

Keyword Opportunity analysis

Audience optimisation


Competitor analysis

Campaign Creation

During the course of your campaign management, you may require completely new campaigns built from scratch. These could be your first campaigns, or campaigns for an up-coming product launch or promotion.

Your Clickoo team will work their hardest to get your campaigns ready to launch in a timely manner, and we typically expect that once we have received a full briefing it will take around 10 working days to get your campaigns ready for launch.

This can vary depending on complexity and scale of the campaigns and the time of year.


working days

This document exists to represent the baseline communication and optimisation for which Clickoo as an agency will strive to maintain. Whilst we take pride in providing the best service possible, this agreement does not represent a guarantee of any form and there may be individual instances where these service levels are not met. This service level agreement is subject to change without notice.

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