Introducing: The new Clickoo

Posted by TP 20th October 2020 Studio news

Studio news

Introducing: The new Clickoo

It’s been 11 years since Clickoo launched in Manchester as a Google AdWords agency with a multilingual edge. Over that time we have developed our skills to include the most powerful new platforms such as Facebook advertising, and more recently TiKTok ads. Over this time we have also expanded our language offering to cover over 20 markets.


Thibaut Poudou, CEO, Clickoo

Founder & CEO, Thibaut Poudou;

We have years of experience helping brands to expand their reach internationally with paid advertising, and we are continuously re-defining what the most effective approach is when it comes creating a connection between our clients and new audiences via paid media.


We call the latest iteration of our service offering localised paid media, which goes much deeper than the more traditional approach of word-for-word translation of campaigns. Localised paid media combines the far more audience focused techniques from traditional localisation processes, with the data-first approach of paid media. This combination produces a much more effective approach to targeting & communicating with audiences in new markets – Something which is critical for brands looking to diversify into new territories to spread economic risk and grow their revenues.


To celebrate the on-going evolution of our services, we thought it was time to update our look. The new aesthetic focuses on our unique approach to paid media; Putting your audience at the centre of our strategy, and using the latest paid media techniques to create a connection with them – no matter the market or language.”


We’d like to take a moment to thank our team, past and present, for helping us to get to where we are today and let our clients & partners know how excited we are to be working together as we move into the next chapter of our life as an agency. 🚀


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