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So, what went wrong?

Multilingual marketing can be a minefield if you aren’t aware of the most common mistakes that brands make.

Failing to consider these key parts of the your international presence can at best ruin the users experience, and at worst cause catastrophic damage to your brand.

Often these hurdles can seem like unnecessary stages of expanding internationally, but skipping these steps will likely cost you more in time and marketing budgets in the long run.

1. Machine translated ad copy

Look no further than our article on Google Translate Gone Wrong to see how disastrous the results can be from an improperly translated campaign. Whilst machine learning has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, context and tone has a huge impact on how your ads are received in some markets. Clickoo’s recommendation is to always have a native speaking specialist involved from the start of the campaigns, to ensure your message always hits the mark.

2. Copy & Pasted Call to Actions

Audiences vary from one market to the next by more than just their language. A benefit which works well for audiences in one market may fall completely flat in another. In our guide to creating an international persona, we provide an overview of how to create a more nuanced and effective profile of your international customers. 

3. Currency & conversion errors

It’s estimated that currency & conversion issues have cost US retailers in excess of $100b USD in a single year. Ensuring your offering purchases in a currency that your customers are comfortable with is critical to ensuring a minimising basket drop off and getting the best returns.

4. Non-native optimisation team

Many brands choose to employ a translation or localisation service at the beginning of the process for the initial creation, but opt for non-native teams to deliver the on-going optimisations and improvements. As tempting as this cost-saving method may be, understanding the nuances of campaign performance and identifying issues or mistakes before they cause damage is always most effective with a native speaking team.

5. Expensive or Lengthy shipping options

In our guide to expanding into new markets, we reveal that 38% of customers stopped buying from a merchant after a single negative delivery experience. The prospect of losing nearly 40% of your customers should be warning enough to ensure your fulfillment options are aligned with your audiences expectations.

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Audience centric paid media

About us

Clickoo are an international paid media agency, with a team of multilingual PPC experts. We can manage marketing campaigns in more than 35 languages!

We don’t use 3rd party services, or Google translate to create your campaigns – Our team of native PPC experts build your campaigns from the ground up in your target language.

This means you avoid embarrassing translation errors, and your campaign message hits the mark on the first attempt – Not once you’ve made a potentially brand-damaging translation error.

What we do

Multilingual PPC

Creating a connection with audiences in markets across the world for over a decade.

Our team of multilingual PPC experts plan, build and manage campaigns to drive the growth of your brand.

Our expertise includes all of the most powerful paid search platforms used across the globe.

If you are trying to connect with international users searching for products or services, look no further.

Multilingual Paid Social

Reaching audiences at scale in markets across the world has never been easier thanks to sponsored promotion via social media.

Expertly built and managed paid social campaigns, tailored to each market and delivered in the native language.

We have all heard the horror stories about ‘when google translate goes wrong‘, which is definitely something you want to avoid occurring with your paid social advertisements.

Sleep soundly at night knowing your international campaigns are being built from the ground up by a native speaking paid media expert.

Local market personas

Have you ever tried to market into multiple international markets and found your campaigns just don’t have the same impact from one market to the next?

Take the guess-work out of international marketing with a persona tailored to your audience in each market.

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