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Google AdWords Ad Extensions are the best way of making your ads more attractive and take up more of that precious space on Google search results. In fact, they’ve become such a staple that they have now become an integral part of your Ad Rank calculations!

With the increasing importance of these extensions in remaining a competitive player in the Search results auction, it is crucial to know exactly how and where the extensions work. This is where we come in.

Which ad extensions are available at the moment?

The great teams at Google are constantly working to improve ad extensions and add new features, so this list is correct at the time of writing:

Location extensions

Help nearby consumers to find or call your nearest shop front.
Google AdWords Location Extension Example

Call extensions

Connect users to your business directly by phone.
Google AdWords Call Extensions


Promote more pages within your site, beyond your main ad landing page.
Google AdWords Sitelink Extensions

Social annotations

Show how many Google+ page followers that your business has on your ads.
Google AdWords Social Extensions

Seller ratings

Show your online business ratings in your ad.
Google AdWords Seller Ratings Extensions

App extensions

Show a link to your mobile or tablet app directly below your ad.
Google AdWords App Extensions

Review extensions

Showcase your positive reviews and accolades beneath your ad.
Google AdWords Review Extensions

Image ad extensions

Show photos of your products directly above your ad when it displays in first position.
Google AdWords Image Ad Extensions

Previous visit annotations

Show people if they’ve clicked through to your website from Google Search results before.
Google AdWords Previous Visit Extensions

Where do AdWords ad extensions display?

An excellent question! It can often be confusing as to where ad extensions display, and it is especially useful information for advertisers that hover around the 3rd and 4th position in search results due to the distinct differences in extensions available.

This useful diagram below shows exactly how this works:

Where Google AdWords Ad Extensions Display

As we can see, the key differences are:

  • Top of the page: Has the most extensions available with exclusive access to review extensions (1st position has unique access to Image Ad extensions)
  • Side of the page: Does not have access to Review extensions, Image ad extensions or Sitelink extensions
  • Bottom of the page: Does not have access to Review extensions or  Image ad extensions but can display with Sitelink extensions

With such a vast range of ad extensions available to AdWords advertisers it’s no wonder that Google have seen an average of 10-20% improvements in CTR compared to ads with no ad extensions!

If you still have any questions about AdWords ad extensions or would like to chat with us about how we can help you to use ad extensions to improve your campaigns, we’d love to hear from you!

Images sourced from Google

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