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Posted by TP 25th November 2013 Studio news

Studio news

Google has revamped the existing ‘badge of honour’ Google Advertising Professionals with Google Partners in order to better support agencies like Clickoo who help to manage AdWords campaigns and invited us down to a fantastic launch event in London to celebrate!

Google Partner Event LondonGoogle Partners Launch Event

So what’s the difference? To become a Google Partner the criteria are a lot stricter – in fact only 30% of the advertisers using the previous Google Advertising Professionals logo (us included!) qualified for this elusive accolade.

This also assists current and prospective advertisers in their selection of a trusted agency to help them make better use of their marketing budgets and to get the best quality advice.

Clickoo, Google AdWords Partner

The Google Partners initiative aims to recognise agencies that:

  • know Google’s products inside out
  • use industry best practices to ensure successful PPC campaigns
  • have demonstrated success over an extended period of time

And ultimately,

  • can give you advice that you can trust

All Google Partners benefit from stronger links with Google by receiving better access to training and in-depth information about updates to Google products. This means that your agency will be ‘au fait’ with the latest tools and features and better still, be more equipped to use these features in the most effective way possible. Google Partners also get access to beta features which can often give you a strong advantage over your core competitors.

As a business it is understandable that you will want the best service for your money, and Google Partners enables you to recognise agencies that Google trust to care of you and help you achieve success using AdWords.

Now that you know what Google Partners is and how it can benefit agencies and advertisers alike, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about Google Partners or AdWords feel free to either give us a call or just use the contact form and provide us with a short description of your requirements and we’ll get the right person back in touch with you.

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