Clickoo Celebrates its 6th Birthday!

Posted by TP 6th August 2015 Studio news

Studio news

Here we are, 6 years later.

Clickoo 6th Birthday

Our birthday celebrations…

Having just celebrated our 6th birthday, we wanted to extend this celebration to everyone who has helped make the journey a success so far. From clients who believed in us 6 years ago and are still with us today, to friends/connections/partners who recommend us, new clients and colleagues, so many people have contributed to getting us here that we felt we couldn’t celebrate properly without acknowledging you all.

The last 6 years have been quite a ride. A heap of new clients, a new office, new team members and a business that has grown from a little desk in a shared office to a busy multilingual office in the heart of Manchester that feels like home, full of people who believe in their abilities to do a great job in search marketing without losing the human touch.

We have always provided the best services to our clients, and we believe our tremendous growth over the past few years is testament to the faith they have put in us.  Our 30-day rolling contracts allow the flexibility to leave at any time, yet they have stayed with us as we believe in fostering long term relationships built upon a mutual drive to succeed. This is what makes Clickoo – an unequivocal desire to respond to our clients’ trust in us and help them grow their business.

We love having such long standing relationships with our clients whilst we welcome new ones, and we’re incredibly excited about what the next year will bring. As always, feel free to drop us a line if you ever need anything from us, or better yet, come visit us in our Portland street office (we have a proper, grown up espresso machine and cookies!).

Clickoo 6th Birthday

It’s a good day when you get balloons and cupcakes!

Wondering what 6 years looks like?

Over 200 Accounts Managed

3,978,613,247 Impressions

28,072,636 Clicks

2,004,340 Conversions

A new office

New team members

7 languages

Clients across every continent (except Antarctica!)

Thanks everyone.

We hope to see you soon,

The Clickoo team.

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