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Posted by TP 30th April 2015 Studio news

Studio news

Clickoo have just started working with a new telecoms company based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Beehive Telecom is a technology company offering business phone system solutions and data connectivity.

More recently, they have added a new SMS marketing service to their offering, and Clickoo were approached to help develop a Pay Per Click campaign to help promote their new product.

free trial sms marketing

Why should businesses use SMS?

In recent years SMS marketing has become an extremely popular way for businesses to get their message across to customers.

The vast number of emails sent and received on a day to day basis, along with the constant stream of information on social media, means it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd, even with unique products or services, and SMS marketing provides a more direct approach to reaching your audience as well as an easy way for them to get in touch with you.

Clickoo are working with Beehive Telecom to help promote this valuable service to businesses who are looking to improve the way they market their products or services. After getting the PPC contract, we worked from the client’s brief, creating campaigns tailored to the keywords most relevant to the business while ensuring all irrelevant terms related to communications were excluded in order to reduce Cost Per Click and Cost per Conversion.

Pay Per Click Campaign

Chris Xavier, director of Beehive Telecom said:

Our SMS marketing service is a great way for people to interact with customers to promote their business.

Clickoo worked with us to develop, manage and analyse all of our campaigns, the results have been fantastic.

The campaign has been built around offering businesses a free trial account with 30 texts to try our service.

We are getting more visitors to our site every month, the cost per click has dropped and conversions have gone up. Revenue has dramatically increased since we started using Clickoo’s service.

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