Dutch PPC Management with Fluent Speakers

Posted by TP 19th August 2015 Studio news

Studio news

Do you need Dutch PPC campaign management or advice?

Look no further than Clickoo! We have fluent Dutch speakers on board ready to help you with your AdWords PPC strategy.

Our policy is to only assign proficient speakers to manage foreign language accounts as not only will they understand every subtle linguistic nuance, but they will understand the behaviour and culture of the country you are targeting – allowing us to make more insightful and appropriate decisions when managing your account.

Many other agencies who offer Dutch PPC will use translation services for their campaign builds, resulting in poor performance. We seek to provide high quality AdWords campaigns in Dutch to drive the best results.

Where are my Dutch PPC campaigns managed from?

All of our account managers work in our office in Manchester – the work we do is not outsourced.

Can you provide a bilingual Dutch PPC account manager?

Absolutely – our Dutch speakers are also fluent in English and so would be happy to be your main point of contact for all your AdWords needs!

Does it matter if I pay Google in Euros?

Not at all, we often work with businesses who pay in Euros.

Who’s the best person to speak to?

For any enquiries about Dutch PPC just give us a quick call and ask to speak to Marlene.

If you need multiple foreign language accounts managed, you can check which ones we can help with here

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