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Posted by TP 22nd June 2015 Studio news

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What’s new for mobile app advertising?

Within the mobile app industry, the ever-changing nature of technology and developer tools means that there are a very unique set of needs to gauge performance when promoting your new app.

The measurement of user interaction is critical in determining success, and there are already solutions in place to assist such as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps and iOS conversion tracking.

However, Google have now made mobile app advertising much more simple with the introduction of Universal App Campaigns!

What are Universal App campaigns?

Universal app campaigns are designed with ease-of-use in mind. In essence, they allow you to promote your Android app across all Google media in a more efficient manner. Within one single campaign you can target:

  • Google Search (e.g.
  • AdMob network
  • Mobile websites
  • YouTube
  • Google Play

Google have developed enhanced bidding engines and automated ad creators to enable you to spend more time on the development of your app whilst promoting it in tandem. All advertising content will be geared towards driving app installs which will be easily measurable through conversion tracking. Here’s a sneak peek of what the interface will look like:

Universal App Campaigns
Source: Google

AdWords also provides further Remarketing features for apps, enabling you to interact with users who have downloaded your app and then search for actions related to your app reminding them that your app can cater to their need.

How do I get started with Universal App Campaigns?

Universal app campaigns will be being rolled out over the coming months to advertisers and developers alike. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about other ways of advertising your app through AdWords then get in touch with one of our AdWords experts who will be happy to talk you through your options.

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