5 Audience Insights You Need For Successful Paid Media Targeting

Posted by TP 11th January 2021 Tips and advice

Tips and advice

Audience targeting for paid media

To be able to answer your audience’s queries and create a great connection between them and your brand, you first need to really get to know them. 


From their very first touchpoint, you’re building a relationship with potential customers – so you have to ensure you make a fantastic impression. If you start talking about something that isn’t relevant to your audience, they’ll assume your products or services aren’t suitable for their needs either.


But what do you need to know? Here, we outline the five most important insights.


  1. Demographics


This is the data point you’ll most likely be familiar with. It’s made up of factors such as age, gender, income level, race, employment status, location, homeownership and level of education. Essentially, these aspects are ‘who’ your audience are.


You might be able to guess a lot of these correctly – however, you should never solely depend on assumptions. Even if you have a good idea of who your audience is, this needs to be backed up by concrete evidence. If you don’t do your research, then you could risk wasting your investment into paid media that doesn’t work – or worse, damages your brand’s image.


  1. Psychographics 


Psychographics go beyond who your audience is, and focus on ‘why’ they choose to purchase from your brand. This will relate to their interests, activities, lifestyle choices, opinions and attitudes. It dives deep into cognition – the likes of emotional responses come into it, as well as ethical and political values.


Whilst demographics are incredibly beneficial, psychographics go a step further and help you take a more granular approach.


  1. Technology usage


Of course, as paid media is a digital medium, you’ll need to know exactly how your audience acts online. This will include how much time they spend there, how they use it, and their digital activities. Make sure you’re aware of the devices, social media channels and content they are partial to.


You can’t build an effective paid media strategy without this core information. ‘Where’ your audience is is just as important as who they are and why they buy from you. 


  1. Brand discovery


Consider exactly how your audience comes across brands like yours. Uncover their precise research journey, and what they usually do to find out about products or services.


Look into the length of this journey too. You’ll be able to figure out ways to streamline this – making it simpler for your audience to access the information they need, and getting them over the finish line quicker. 


There may be obstacles that block them from actually purchasing as well, such as unsuitable payment or delivery options. Think about how you could combat this –perhaps you could allow for the use of a wider range of online payment systems, for example. Doing so could make all the difference between a lead and a sale.

  1. Brand advocacy


This is how your audience goes from a customer to a brand advocate. You’ll need to know what exactly motivates this transition. What keeps them loyal to you, and sees them buying from you again and again?


With this information, you’ll significantly increase your chances of successful paid media targeting. You can use the data to find similar people (demographically and psychographically speaking) who are also likely to become loyal customers. These advocates may help you acquire new customers through referrals as well.


How an audience profile might look


With these insights, you can then build out your own audience profile. Here’s a very basic example.


Company name: Sacuvii

Product name: Sacuvii Draw (a digital graphic drawing tablet)


Name: Megan Dalton

Demographics: 28-year-old female, currently renting in New York. Works as a graphic designer earning $45,000. Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a fair amount of disposable income and often makes impulse purchases up to the value of $300. 

Psychographics: Interests lie in art and nature – you’ll often find her reading, gardening or working on projects that allow for self-expression. She places value on achievement and independence, and enjoys a good debate when it comes to politics. 

Technology usage: Visits social media frequently – at least 10 times a day with Instagram. Regularly posts her own content (typically related to her projects), but also engages with others. Megan often uses her phone to access these platforms, though she uses her desktop and tablet sometimes too. 

Brand discovery: Chooses search engines, social media and word of mouth to find out about products and services. The standard customer journey consists of seeing a social media ad, visiting the website, looking at the blog, viewing a search engine ad, looking at reviews, comparing against competitors, then purchasing. Buying barriers are a lack of clear information or slow website.

Brand advocacy: She will stay loyal if brands often provide valuable free information and great customer service, and send them offers directly.


Take advantage of Clickoo’s insights

It really does pay to get these audience insights for your own brand. However, it’s worth noting that you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. The insights really can vary depending on who your audience is, and things change over time too. 


It’s for this reason that pulling all these insights together can be incredibly resource-intensive if you’re doing it on your own. Thankfully, you can depend on Clickoo. Our team uses only the most recent and accurate data for effective targeting, before pairing it with ad content that drives results. We can also act as your partner, evolving your paid media strategy as your audience itself evolves. 

Through us, you’ll be armed with hyper-targeted ads that will perform well regardless of location, and will put you a step further along that path to growth. Let’s chat.

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