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Posted by TP 29th June 2015 Tips and advice

Tips and advice

AdWords for Law Firms – The Conundrum

The popularity of Google as a search engine is undeniable, with over 88% of the UK’s search engine market share according to Statista.

Given this popularity, many businesses including law firms will use Google AdWords to promote their services. However, the potential high value of cases has led to a predicament in using AdWords for law firms – the cost per click can be astronomical. In fact, Wordstream has even ranked legal keywords as in the top 4 most expensive keywords to target through AdWords! Many law firms are so keen to acquire traffic that the coveted top spot has transformed into a battleground of unparalleled proportions.

Making AdWords for Law Firms Work

So, how do top tier Google Partner agencies like Clickoo go about helping law firms to advertise successfully?

Website Quality and Landing Page Development

Our first tip would be to look at your website to see if the pages you would promote are clear, neat and contain call-to-actions. Landing pages optimised for SEO are often very content heavy, and the temptation is to use these for AdWords. In fact, AdWords for law firms works very well with landing pages geared towards prompting a call or a form submission.

Some websites may even implement a “compensation calculator” to filter out good leads from the bad.

Extra insight: Make sure to call leads straight away – never assume that your service isn’t substitutable!

Keyword Selection

We research keywords heavily prior to implementation. We look for keywords that indicate a clear desire to commit to the legal process to make the most sufficient use of your budget. By thinking like a potential client, we then determine if these keywords have viable search volume.

Ad Copy

AdWords for law firms can be a murky quagmire of “Claim Now!” or “No Win, No Fee” ads that dilutes the actual messaging. We think about your brand and about what makes you unique, then we think about the particular legal market you operate in.

In some sensitive areas of the law, would “claim now” really work as a message?

We know that your clients need to see a firm they can trust online, and the best way to drive this message is through your ads. We also test these ads regularly with alternate ideas, to ensure that we are always displaying the best performing message.

Sounds Complex?

Quite truthfully, it is. Any agency that says otherwise has not experienced this market fully. However, here at Clickoo we are specialists in AdWords and are confident in driving a high ROI campaign using AdWords for law firms.

Whether you have an existing account or would like to try AdWords for the first time, we are on hand for any questions!

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