Clickoo partners with PPC Protect to combat click fraud

Posted by TP 6th November 2020 Tips and advice

Tips and advice

Introduction to click fraud

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase efficiency in ad spending for our clients, Clickoo is pleased to announce our new partnership with PPC Protect. We all know that paid media campaigns are an amazing way to generate traffic and revenue for your business, and we rely more and more on Google and Facebook’s machine learning algorithms to deliver ads to the right audiences at the right time. There remains however the small chance that our campaigns could be targeted by fraudsters who either deliberately or inadvertently waste ad spend and skew campaign data by clicking through ads without having any intention of spending time on or interacting with the website.

“Up to 30% of clicks are invalid, causing losses in excess of $26bn in 2020”
PPC Protect

Who are the culprits?

PPC Protect believes that most common forms of click fraud are non-deliberate bot clicks and deliberate competitor activity, and that in certain industries, particularly where there is a fierce level of competition within the search bidding auction and CPCs are high, up to 30% of clicks could be invalid.

AI built to protect campaigns in real time

Thankfully we are able to combat this and save our clients time and money by using PPC Protect’s technology to monitor click activity and actively block IP addresses suspected of click fraud so they are no longer able see our ads. Sophisticated AI built by PPC Protect is able to filter out and put a stop to suspicious activity in real time without impacting genuine traffic, leaving our clients with more budget to spend on achieving the goals we set out to do.

International accounts are also accounted for – PPC Protect can be applied to any Google Ads account worldwide and the system will still be able to recognise and account for variations in normal click behaviour between different target markets.

Get in touch to find out more about PPC Protect, how AI is changing the paid media landscape or how exporting internationally can benefit you and your business.

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