What To Do With Your Google AdWords Coupon Code

Posted by TP 16th April 2013 Tips and advice

Tips and advice
Google AdWords Coupon, Vouchers

Google AdWords Coupon, Vouchers

You may be sat there staring blankly at a coupon from Google offering to give you extra advertising budget and wondering how on earth you start using it.

Never fear, Clickoo is here.

The Coupon

The coupon consists of a jovially-worded leaflet containing a unique code which you should be able to identify as the incomprehensible line of letters and numbers.

Basic Requirements

  • As long as your AdWords account is up to 14 days old, we can add on that extra dosh to your monthly budget to give you ads more time to shine
  • Each coupon has an expiry date (good things can’t last forever!)
  • You are limited to one per account (darn it!)

The Next Steps

At Clickoo, we know exactly how this works.

If you’ve received a coupon that you’d like to use get in touch and we’ll sort that our for you – no hassle, we promise!

A Little Secret

We have heaps of these coupons for our customers, and the good news is we like to share. So even if you don’t have one, call us and we’ll pick the best deal we have for you.

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