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Posted by TP 1st April 2014 News and culture

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Let your ads take flight with AdBirds

Today, we saw this notification in our account:

AdBirds Notification

Google has cleverly celebrated April’s Fools day with the launch of AdBirds discretely tucked away in the AdWords interface. It is the first time, we’ve come across an April Fool’s day prank by Google.

So let’s review AdBirds!

AdWords AdBirds Sparrow

At first sight it appears to be quite legit, as it requires you to select an ad group. We had to think carefully as to which client would be open to the idea of imaginary AdBirds advertising and then we realised this would be perfect for Clickoo to trial. Next step was to choose which type of bird would be best suited to achieve Clickoo’s business goals in terms of which birds to target your audience with.

The owl was definitely out of the question as nocturnal business hours was not an option. The duck (although a loveable bird) is limited to parks and community areas and is likely to attract an unsuitable audience with few leads. Next off the list is the penguin – cute and fuzzy as it may be we need a bit of flight action here!

We were after a local based bird – northern slang not applicable here – with the capability to adapt to every environmental and man-made condition.

And the winner is…

The winning bird had to be the mighty pigeon (commiserations to the sparrow and the eagle who were both very close contenders).

AdWords AdBirds Pigeon

After choosing a bird, it was time to write the ad. As you would expect, you are limited to the same character limit that exists in AdWords. The beak would be carrying the headline while the head and wings are designated for description line 1 and 2. And lastly, the tail feathers are the display URL (a.k.a the part that nobody pays attention to).

Upon completing the ad, it was time to let it ‘fly’…and watch our ‘soar’ (get it?) disappointment manifest as it all turned out to be a April Fool’s Day prank. Fair play Google, fair play.

AdWords AdBirds

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